About NABA

History of N.A.B.A.

Founded in New York City in 1969, by nine African American men working in the accounting industry. Seeing a need for partnership amongst African Americans working in the accounting industry these nine men formed what is known today as the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. Back in 1969 there were only 136 African American certified public accountants out of 100,000 in the United States. Those nine men sought to establish a professional organization that has grown from nine men in New York City 200,000 worldwide. The goal would be to address the concerns of minorities entering the accounting profession and to make a commitment to professional and academic excellence. In 1970 they chartered the first chapter in New York City, which has now expanded throughout the United States and the world. Today NABA has celebrated its 40th anniversary, while continuing to set high standards, that all members strive to achieve. NABA has over the last forty years; increased the skills of its members, made lasting change and impression on the accounting and finance profession.
Ronald Benjamin | Kenneth Drummond | Frank Ross
Earl Biggot | Bertram Gibson| George Wallace
Donald Bristow | Richard McNamee | Michael Winston


- To Represent the interests of current and prospective minority accounting professionals

- To encourage and assist minority students in entering the accounting profession

- To promote and develop the professional skills of our members

- To provide opportunities for members to fulfill their civic responsibilities

- To ensure long-term financial stability and provide adequate resources to implement chapter, regional, and national program

Goals of the Chapter

- To expand the reach of the national organization through programs and initiatives

- To develop the professional skills of the members, while supporting their career advancements

- To support and develop the growth of the student members

- To provide opportunities for engagement between student & professional members

- To provide opportunities for scholarship and academic application